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provi​nce in Mainland China​

Ningbo Combine Shuttlecocks Co. Ltd. is a leader in sporting-goods manufacturer since 1981 focusing on manufacturing shuttlecocks. The company has more than 35 years of experience in producing high quality shuttlecocks for international tournaments and professional players. YOUHE products are exported to Japan, Korea, South East Asia, USA and Europe. CTTL Trading Pte. Ltd. is the authorized reseller working closely with Ningbo Combine Shuttlecocks to distribute its range of products throughout the region.

Ningbo Combine Shuttlecocks Co. Ltd. has a total annual sales revenue of US$2.5 to 10 million. The company has 100+ employees with delegated Quality Control and R&D Control Staff. The company has been focusing on quality since the very beginning of the early years and the company has earned the trust in the market.